Bargain price horse

Important general information

The purchase of a horse or pony is an expensive matter and is not automatically the right thing for everyone.
This is why we always try to purchase horses and ponies for the lowest price we can, so that we can offer them again to the new owner at a good price.


Don’t forget that keeping your own horse always brings with it fairly high costs which recur every month. You must also have sufficient time and space available, (maybe somewhere else), and patience. Make sure you realise this before you decide to buy. If you buy a horse from us it may be possible to exchange it, however we will not buy it back.


Have you thought about everything and are you ready to accept all the consequences? Then go for it, because nothing compares to having your own horse! Each month we put one horse “on special offer”. This animal is for sale below the normal selling price.


Helen is now our Bargain price horse

From: € 2.450,- / for: € 1.675,-

Valid from 7 March to 7 April 2018



Name: Helen
Pedigree: -
Age: 5 years
Sex: mare
Height: 1.42 m.
Riding level: L
Comments: -



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